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Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian

On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 05:55:38PM +0100, Michael Meskes wrote:
> I certainly didn't want to diminish the work you're doing, but I still think
> we have to find better ways to release. potato is too old right now and most
> people I do talk to, tell me they don't care about all these packages, but
> they want newer versions of the packages they use. 

Two responses: first, if they don't want new packages, just newer versions
of the stuff they "use", that'd presumably exclude things like, oh,
say, KDE... So you've got to be a little careful there. Second, most of
the problems are with the newer versions of old packages:

	apache: 126707, 126743
	apt: 127648, 127942
	base-passwd: 123345
	exim: 126124
	gnuplot: 126014
	gpm: 113454
	gs-common: 126475
	icewm: 123448
	imagemagick: 123133
	iproute: 118424, 119601, 123224
	ld.so: 97071, 102055
	libc6: 126441
	mc: 123161
	mozilla: 128046
	pcmcia-cs: 119837
	postgresql: 118362, 121088
	qmail: 72310
	reportbug: 127507
	samba: 127444
	slapd: 112499, 126898
	ssh: 127575
	sysutils: 120025
	sysvinit: 127635
	tetex-bin: 69600
	tripwire: 90912, 92510, 94603

...are a sample of pakcages that seem reasonably "standard" to me that
are in the RC bug list. You'll note some of those bug numbers are around
a year old. 
> Yes, I know that if we
> take all those people we probably have 99% of the packages belonging into
> someone's core, but the age is a factor.

No, I don't dispute that looking at core packages is worthwhile: it is;
all I'm saying is that once we actually get to the point where those core
packages are releasable, the rest of the work (getting rid of unreleasable
extra packages) isn't much of a problem. And converesely: if we don't
get all the base/standard bugs fixed, there's nothing anyone can do
to make us release any quciker, unless we're willing to just release a
bunch of junk with known security problems that doesn't upgrade cleanly
and whatever else.


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