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Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian

On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 11:56:38AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> But like I said, that wouldn't buy as anything: the *hardest* parts are
> getting base and standard working properly, once they're done, it's not overly

Okay, good point.

> Well, in a sense they don't: it's the fact that the core packages aren't
> in a releasable state that's preventing us from releasing.

I thought it wasn't that way, sorry.

> I'm sorry, I just can't see this working, let alone being easier than what
> we're currently doing.

Of course I like a new complete release at least once a year even more. :-)

> "Just" an upgrade problem. You do realise that's an absolutely horrible
> attitude to take? While you (and, evidently, everyone else who knows about
> postgresql) are sitting there saying "Yay! Postgres has no bugs that
> matter", I'm sitting here saying "Great. Postgres has RC bugs. Should
> I remove it from the distribution, or wait, or find someone to buy me a
> ski holiday?" If the bug really is RC (and the severity descriptions are
> fairly clear these days) it has to be fixed. It's that simple. If it's not
> RC, then it shouldn't be marked that way, and it should be fixed anyway.

Sorry, that came out sounding completely different than what I was thinking
when typing. The "just" referred to "no bug in the upstream". Back when I
checked I wanted to pass all release critical bugs in postgresql to the
upstream so they get fixed for everyone. However, the upgrade part seemed to
be Debian specific and besides very difficult for me to reproduce as I have
no machines with an old Postgresql version around anymore. That's what I
meant to say with "just". I do fully agree that the bugs have to be fixed.

Also it seems that Oliver is still working on the package. From your last
mail I got the impression that no one is working on the packages which
certainly is not true. After all there as a new upload two days ago or so. 

I certainly didn't want to diminish the work you're doing, but I still think
we have to find better ways to release. potato is too old right now and most
people I do talk to, tell me they don't care about all these packages, but
they want newer versions of the packages they use. Yes, I know that if we
take all those people we probably have 99% of the packages belonging into
someone's core, but the age is a factor.

We have to find a way to release more often IMO. But I do not know how to
reach that goal. After all my time is serverly limited. At least I do not
have a release critical bug on my packages right now.


Michael Meskes
Go SF 49ers! Go Rhein Fire!
Use Debian GNU/Linux! Use PostgreSQL!

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