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Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> Hi,
> One important thing are more frequent releases. We don't have to release
> as often as other distributions but IMHO it's needed to have a new stable
> release at about once a year. Currently the software in our stable release
> is two years old and I see several distributors and magazines already ship
> woody CDs instead of potato CDs although we are still several months away
> from releasing woody - and if people encounter problems with the packages
> they find there this does in the long term harm the good reputation of the
> quality of our packages. There are many reasons why you need packages you
> can't find in potato. Sometimes it's only that you want to use Gimp 1.2
> but often there are important reasons like e.g. support for kernel 2.4 or
> Euro support in some applications. Using testing isn't an alternative on
> many production systems because testing reduces the probality of bugs but
> it could still happen that e.g. your X does no longer start after your
> latest upgrade to testing.

This is a troll paragraph.

Sure, everyone agrees.  This has been hashed over and over and over.  Talking
about it doesn't help.  Solve the problem.

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