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EURO and CENT signs in the console keymaps


I tried to include the support for Euro and Cent in the console keymaps.
Cent is not a problem. It is allmost unknown and AltGR-e could be surely
used for this. But Euro is a problem - keymaps have different location
of the €. I cannot found good and trustworthy informations on the net,
so more user feedback is required. What I have so far:

 - Most keyboards have AltGr-e as Euro
 - the French keymap (relative to US layout: <AltGr><]>)
 - the Hungarian keymap (relative to US layout: <AltGr><\>)
 - the Norwegian and Swedish keymap (relative to US layout: <Shift><4>)

Did I miss anything or is something wrong?

These are i386/qwert? keymaps. I do not have any informations about
non-i386. Please report soon.

cat /dev/boiler/water | Tee | Teesieb > /Tasse
mount -t hdev /dev/human/mund01 /Mund && cat /Tasse >/mund/Schluck

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