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Re: EURO and CENT signs in the console keymaps

begin  Eduard Bloch quotation:

> I tried to include the support for Euro and Cent in the console keymaps.
> Cent is not a problem. It is allmost unknown and AltGR-e could be surely
> used for this. But Euro is a problem - keymaps have different location
> of the €. I cannot found good and trustworthy informations on the net,
> so more user feedback is required. What I have so far:
>  - Most keyboards have AltGr-e as Euro

All the new UK-layout keyboards I've seen over the past couple of
years have had a Euro symbol marked on the `4' key on the top row (I
reside in Ireland, so maybe only UK-layout keyboards manufactured for
sale here are like that).  The symbol's usually on the
bottom-right-hand corner of the key, with the `4' bottom-left and the
`$' top-left, as usual.  If a user has such a UK keyboard with the
Euro on the `4' key, it'll probably be the first key they try.

Speaking for myself, I don't use special currency symbols, preferring
to write USD, URP, EUR and so forth.  I rarely talk about currencies
in anything but an informal context, though.



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