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What if an ITP poster seems to be net.dead? (was Re: vICQ package)

Leo Costela@linux.debian.devel@Fri, 21 Dec 2001 18:20:10 +0100:
>  yeah ... I noticed that with your following posts ... =3D] I thought you we=
>  re mocking me... anyway...=20
Heh, good, you prefer this one? ;-)

>  how can I express my interes in maintaining or _help_ maintaining one
>  given package ?
Usually by sending a mail to the Maintainer.. And if he does not respond, go
scream for help. ;-/

>  is anyone interested in helping me out ?
>  Sponsors anywhere ? I wanna become an official Developer... =3D]
If you need a sponsor.. I'm sponsoring vICQ but I can do ickle as well. Just
make sure nobody is going to blame me for uploading a package for you while
you were not the first posting an ITP. ;-)

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