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Re: vICQ package

On Thu, 2001-12-20 at 20:31, Luis Bustamante wrote:
Hi list,
I would like to contribute to Debian GNU/Linux, so I packaged vicq
and I will also translate debian docs/webpages to spanish. I've just
susbscribed to debian-l10n-spanish to know how can I start. I already
write to debian-mentors.

This is the package:

Package: vicq
Section: net
Maintainer: Luis Bustamante <luferbu@fluidsignal.com>
Version: 0.3-1

Do you know what libs this package uses ? does it use the same icq2000 libs of Ickle ?
I've been waiting for Ickle to be incorporated into Sid because the new Centericq now uses its libs, and I use Centericq.
By the way, does anybody know if Ickle is being adopted (ITP) or was just posted as RTP ? If not i'd like to maintain it... =]
Leo Costela
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