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vICQ package

Hi list,
I would like to contribute to Debian GNU/Linux, so I packaged vicq
and I will also translate debian docs/webpages to spanish. I've just
susbscribed to debian-l10n-spanish to know how can I start. I already
write to debian-mentors.

This is the package:

Package: vicq
Section: net
Maintainer: Luis Bustamante <luferbu@fluidsignal.com>
Version: 0.3-1

Description: A simple, Perl-based ICQ client
 vICQ is simple ICQ client written in Perl with the look and feel of
 Its features include:
  * Sending messages
  * Receiving messages
  * Invisible handling
  * Receiving contacts and contacts request
  * Receiving URL messages
  * Receiving offline messages off all types (well, almost all)
  * Receiving auth requests
  * Sending authorization
  * Coloring
  * koi8-r and koi8-u support
  * UIN info obtaining
  * SMS sending
  * Event external hooks
  * Sounds
  * Autocompletion
  * White Pages search
  * White Pages basic info editing

This client of ICQ supports ICQv7 TCP protocol, so you will not lose
more messages (there are compatibility problems with older UDP protocol,
which is the one used by almost all ICQ clients in GNU/Linux)

If you want to give a try to vICQ, just add this sources:

deb http://www.fluidsignal.com/~luferbu/debian unstable main
deb-src http://www.fluidsignal.com/~luferbu/debian unstable main

The author of vICQ was already contacted and vICQ is in active

Feel free to contact me if you find problems with the package.

Any sponsor/advocate interested? :)

Kind regards,

Luis Bustamante  <luferbu@fluidsignal.com>
PGP Key: http://www.fluidsignal.com/~luferbu/key.asc
Key fingerprint: 9539 8A79 317D 9F2A C2D3  91A6 E93C 6655 180D 0682

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