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Re: vICQ package

(Would you /please/ stop posting HTML messages?)

And suddenly Leo Costela had this magical idea:
>  I've been waiting for Ickle to be incorporated into Sid because the new
>  Centericq now uses its libs, and I use Centericq.
>  By the way, does anybody know if Ickle is being adopted (ITP) or was
>  just posted as RTP ? If not i'd like to maintain it... =3D]
There is an ITP for Ickle:


You can ask the poster (Martin Butterweck <martin_butterweck@gmx.de>) how
it's going, he should still be working on the package.. There's no package
in Sid yet, true.. :-/

Ohyes, I can sponsor the vICQ downloads if necessary.

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