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Re: Debian menus policy

Erik Steffl wrote:
>   stupid me. I thought window maker is reasonably configurable (=user
> can assign actions to different common mouse activities (click, double
> click, dragging) and different parts of dektops (root window,
> decorations, windows). oh well.

Erm, no. Windowmaker is not fvwm. It does the ideal thing for one pretty
much out of the box, with panache and flair, or it is not the right
windowmanager for one.

>   what is the obvious path? I don't see any significant difference
> between how window maker manu behaves and how other menus behave (I just
> tried gnome menu and fvwm menu)
>   one meaning of obvious path would be the shortest path but you can't,

Yes you can. That's exactly what Marcelo was talking about. Note that
you have to give the mouse some acceleration to accomplish this.

see shy jo

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