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Re: Debian menus policy

Erik Steffl wrote:

>   that's what I was saying, isn't it? so you're basically agree?

Yes, it's just a matter of defining the severity of the problem, and
determining the right solution.

Good examples.

>   click on the root window is different from dragging on root window.

But click and drag areclosely related operations. It's not a good idea
to have a click pop up a menu when you have something completely
different linked to dragging with the same button.

I still think the middle button is a better choice; it's less likely to
conflict with other things.

>   I just switched to KDE to see how it handles debian menu and I've
> found out that it's just sickening - it includes some debian menus as
> submenus of KDE menu but the ones that do not fit are not there at all
> (and I haven't found a way to get just single debian menu tree). The
> crucial one is the menu with window managers - how do I get back to
> fvwm?

That's pretty bad.

>   IMO debian menu system is one of the greatest things since debian
> package system but it needs to be better maintained as far as the
> content goes. and my guess is that it's time to revamp the
> implementation as well (get rid of hints, replace by structured
> section).

Yes, I think so too.


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