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Re: Debian menus policy

wow... when did this discussion degenerate into dictating mouse binding

>> Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:

 >   that's (almost) exactly the same behaviour as I was suggesting for
 > left button in window maker.

 The point you are missing is that Window Maker doesn't like overloading
 actions, and the authors are particularly sensitive to overloading
 mouse actions.  What you are proposing is "if the user left-clicks, A
 happens; if the user left-clicks+holds-the-button-down-for-more-than-N-
 seconds-and-moves-it-M-pixels-in-that-timeframe B happens".  If you
 take a look at Window Maker, you'll notice you can bind the left mouse
 button to "select windows" and the right mouse button to "Applications
 Menu".  Note I didn't say "left drag" nor "right click".  If you
 compare Window Maker's menu behaviour to the GNOME panel's menu
 behaviour (or GTK+'s menus in general), you'll notice they are quite
 different.  Try this with a common desktop installation of Debian using
 Window Maker: right *drag*.  When you press the right mouse button a
 menu will appear.  Move the mouse to "Apps" (the first item in the
 menu), you'll notice it's highlighted (which doesn't happen if you
 right click).  You'll see the Apps menu to the right.  Go to viewers
 (the last entry on Apps).  With Window Maker you can go from Apps to
 Viewers along the obvious path.  You don't have to move the mouse to
 the first entry in Apps first.  This is called menu hysteresis.  GTK+
 has never managed to get it right (neither has Mozilla nor Qt for that

 Now, please stop trying to dictate policy where there's no policy to be

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