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Re: fam-oss

NO kernel patch is required, it is simply more efficient with one. 
Also, there is a patch for fam to use dnotify (no clue if James will
include that) which means it will make use of kernel functionality in
2.4.x kernels.

fam with no kernel support is still better than no fam at all.

Sean Etc.

On Mon, 2001-11-26 at 15:29, Shaya Potter wrote:
> doesn't this require a kernel patch, and is basically useless w/o the
> kernel patch?  For some reason I seem to remember hearing that there was
> no intention of including this in the mainline kernel.
> On Mon, 2001-11-26 at 14:42, James Moss wrote:
> > Unless there are any objections, I will be uploading fam packages.  I'll
> > wait a day or so to make sure there aren't any objections... The
> > homepage is as follows and this has been on the wishlist for some 200+ days.
> > 
> > URL: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/
> > 
> >      -James Moss
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> spotter@{cs.columbia.edu,yucs.org}
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