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Re: woody is getting worse...

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 03:02:58PM -0400, David A. Greene wrote:
> Not fully, no.  Of course there's a limit to what can be done,
> but obviously your machine didn't have the setup to catch a bug
> that seems to have affected a large number of users.  I can't
> speculate as to why.

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> I certainly didn't mean to imply that you were careless.  I
> apologize for the poor wording on my part.  I was simply
> making the point that mistakes happen but some people seem
> to get flamed more than others for them.

Yup, nobody said life is fair.  You might say it's karmic payback for
the shit I give Ben Collins when libc6 goes in the toilet, but I think
it actually has more to do with how widely used a given package is.

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