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Re: woody is getting worse...

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

I'm sorry  for people who  will spend perhaps  30 minutes of their  time to
find out this 2-line file.
I think you don't quite underst, nobody is saying that this should be like
this when we release woody. What he's saying is that, if you're running

Then isn't this by definition a release-critical bug?  If Branden knew
about this bug, he should have upgraded it to RC.  If it got into
testing before he saw it, then of course there is no reason to
criticize him.  However, I find it hard to believe that someone as
committed to XFree86 and Debian as Branden would not have paid
attention to bug reports.

I recall several past incidents during which a maintainer was flamed
for not testing his packages before uploading them.  There seems to
be somewhat of a double-standard here.  Not intentionally, I'm sure,
but really this is a silly bug that should have been caught before
it got into Woody.

Yes, this is a trivial bug, but I agree with those who say it's the
type of bug that people waste a lot of time tracking down, especially
in the early stages when information is not generally available.

Just learn for next time, folks.



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