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woody is getting worse...


I am wondering what happend to woody. This morning the buggy X 4.1.0.-7 landed 
in woody and a broken version of modutils (see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/b
ugreport.cgi?bug=114186&repeatmerged=yes). Seems like the sid->woody 
propagation skript propagates now the most broken packages instead of the good 
ones (lot of people recommend to upgrade of kde-2.2.1 in sid, even if running 
woody and for mozilla that is with no doubt recommended) ;-).

Rainer Dorsch
Abt. Rechnerarchitektur  e-mail:rainer.dorsch@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Uni Stuttgart            Tel.: +49-711-7816-215 / Fax: +49-711-7816-288
Breitwiesenstr. 20-22    D-70565 Stuttgart

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