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Re: solution of sorts and no upload soon (was: Re: apache2: clearing the air [please read])

(you didn't set your own mail-followup-to correctly again, so I'll
manually cc you)

Previously Daniel Stone wrote:
> /var/web or such? But then again, doing that would still break policy.
> An amendment still needs to be made.

I'm still not convinced an amendment needs to be made. I'm in favour
of a very simple approach:

* setup a default vhost with the exact setup as Debian policy currently
* on install ask the admin where other vhosts should be created 
  (which would be /vhost for me, /org for debian, etc.)
* when the admin uses some magic tool to create a new vhost simply setup
  a directory structure ($VHOSTROOT/{www,cgi-bin,log,etc} for example) and
  use that.
* Iff the default vhost has to be in that directory as well setup some
  symlinks there.

That would give you the flexibility of making it easy to create vhosts,
does not violate the FHS or Debian policy (at least not in the package
itself :) and does not require you to wait for a consensus on what
the best place for these files should be (that will never happen) or
a policy update (policy is frozen now).


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