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Re: ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?

On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 03:52:24PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Christian Kurz wrote:
> > So since the number of debian developers has
> > increased a lot since the early days, debian should respect that and
> > change some of the ways it's been operated on.
> And you seriously think that introducing extra layers of bureaucracy
> will improve thins?
> > I was not talking about constantly calling for voting, but for important
> > changes like the ddts is introducing into debian.
> It's not a change.
> > [1] Not everyone is so fast like Wichert to be able to check so many
> > mailing-list in such a short time for the interesting ones and answer
> > them. 
> It's not a matter of being fast but of being efficient. If someone
> is even mildly interested in translation the fact that there have been
> over a hundred messages on debian-devel with the words `description'
> and `translation' in them should have been a pretty good sign that
> that might be an interesting discussion to scan and participate in.

IIRC, you mentioned yesterday you were subscribed to 100 mailing lists which you read in 2 hours. With an
average of 50 mes./day on a mailing list, that leaves us with 5000 emails.
5000/120 makes it to 40 messages a minute. So you reach the average of 1.5 s
per message. You're damn good ! I really 'd like to know how you make it. Even
if you drop all the messages, you're at 3s/msg. 

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