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Re: ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?

On 06/10/01, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Oct 2001, Christian Kurz wrote:

> > > Consensus is not an exact thing, otherwise it would be a vote. If
> > > people don't raise their voice or don't vote there is not much we
> > > can do about that. Unfortunately that holds for a large number of

> > We can, by not talking about a consensus then, but about the majority of
> > people participating in that special threat on debian-devel. With having
> > just about 10-20 people taking active part in such a lengthy discussion
> > and having more then 800 developers, I'm against calling an informal
> > agreement made on debian-devel a consensus.

> More important is the fact that we do *not* have a clear consensus in favor of
> an opt-out solution for the DDTS.  Do you agree that it's inappropriate for
> the DDTS to send email to all developers without the approval of Debian as a

So, can we please then get a new consensus about the BTS and also the
emails that it sends to all developers? I'm not aware about any
consensus for those "The BTS received the following information ..."
mails for example. So do you want to consider them now also inapproriate
by your question above?

> whole?  If so, then in the absence of consensus, it would be necessary to look
> for other forms of approval before proceeding with an opt-out solution: i.e.,
> a general resolution.

I just wonder how you can say that the 10-20 people who discussed the
issue on debian-devel have made consensus for about 800 developers which
are working on debian. Especially since at least the number
participating in the DPL vote is a lot higher and the number of people
being subscribed to debian-devel and having enough time to read it, is

> If a resolution in support of an opt-out based DDTS mail notification system
> passes, then the lack of consensus is no longer an issue.  If such a
> resolution does *not* pass, then those in favor of DDTS notifications are in a
> clear minority and an opt-out solution no longer makes sense anyway.

That would be for example a possible way to get a consensus, especially
since a GR would be announced widely enough to have a lot of developers
taking part.

> And maybe I'm wrong, and a GR in favor of an opt-out solution would fail
> today.  And maybe, once progress is made on support for internationalized

Well, I think no one can say for sure, what the result of a GR would be,
since in my opinion a lot more people would take part and that could
change any predicted result.

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