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Re: gs in sid very outdated

Alan Shutko wrote:
> "Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur@mindspring.com> writes:
> >> I think it's only missing gimp-print.
> >
> > Well gs' stp driver was developed conjointly (is that a word?) with
> > gimp-print, so that explains it, I guess.
> >
> > I thought gimp-print was only a plug-in for gimp, but the its drivers
> > were developed to be usable by gs as well.  Is that wrong, or were you
> > just shorthanding?
> No, that's right, but in a future GNU GS, the drivers will probably be
> included.  They weren't included in 6.51 because it was a fairly big
> patch and raph wanted to get a release out the door.
> http://www.ghostscript.com/article/14.html
Thanks for the info, everyone.  From the linked article:

"I did not include the patch to integrate stp, because it's a fairly big
patch. However, the value
added is considerable. I recommend that distributions look into this. "


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