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Re: real LSB compliance

Manoj Srivastava writes:
> 	This is not as good a solution as engaging the whole group by
>  gating proposal on the lsb lists to -devel and -policy. That way it
>  would be far more likely that the project stands by the decisions --
>  or that the LSB knows about sticking points early. We would need
>  people to move discussions to the Debian lists, and feed back
>  comments to the lsb lists. 

Anyone is free to propose changes/additions by just mailing to the
lsb-discuss or lsb-spec lists and they are just as likely to cc
debian-devel as all the other distro specific discussion lists
(meaning not likely).

Its not as formal a process as you might imagine and we attempt to
reach consensus by discussion on the mailing lists. We _haven't_
traditionally put together proposals which are then forwarded to the
distributions for feedback and review, as representatives from the
distros themselves have been involved in their development. The
distributions may well have internal discussions, but its not unusual
for people from the same distribution to voice differing points of
view to the mailing list.

I'm happy to forward on announcements of specification releases to
debian-devel and debian-policy (if this appropriate). I don't think
that its possible to do this with each individual change to the
specification. It probably requires an experienced debian developer or
developers to pass on discussions which will be of wider interest.

IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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