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Re: real LSB compliance

>>"Theodore" == Theodore Tso <tytso@mit.edu> writes:

 Theodore> On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 11:34:51PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> You shall certainly get some volunteers, but only if things
 >> are still fixable (anything written in stone does not sound very
 >> enticing). 

 Theodore> Stuff isn't written in stone, but making changes is (truth to tell)
 Theodore> much harder than it was four weeks ago, since the whole point in
 Theodore> having a standard is maintaining compatibility.  So the bar for
 Theodore> justifying changes has been rasied, but if there are sound technical
 Theodore> reasons (as opposed to individual Debian users throwing temper
 Theodore> tantrums), changes *can* be made.

 Theodore> One thing which is somewhat personally frustrating in terms
 Theodore> of LSB and working with Debian is that it's hard to find
 Theodore> anyone who can actually  speak for Debian in any kind of
 Theodore> binding way.  So suppose we get some  volunteers, and they
 Theodore> help out with the LSB, and we come up with a  released LSB
 Theodore> 1.1 --- is that going to be any different from the
 Theodore> situation we have now? 

	If you do things the same old way, I am quite certain things
 will not be any different. However, there are ways of working with
 Debian -- firstly, one can send a message to debian-policy and
 debian-devel when the LSB is entering a review process. One can find
 a volunteer to feed major proposed changes to the LSB to -policy and
 -devel for comment. 

	You need to realize that Debian is indeed different, and it is
 unlikely to get a subset of people that can ``represent'' Debian in
 something as far reaching as the LSB directives seem to be. Even your
 example of the government was not on the mark, since we have not had
 a fully participatory democratic government since the Greek city

	If the LSB is interested in Debian ratification, it must need
 make an effort to engage the whole project, not just get a few people
 who also happen to be Debian developers, 

	Of course the LSB project may decide this is too onerous a
 task, and then we are left with the status Quo.

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