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>>"Brian" == Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

 Brian> the boot loader package should be responsible for reinstalling itself,
 Brian> not the kernel image.

	Nobody is reinstalling the boot loader. I would agree that a
 postinst should not trigger the installation of another package.

 Brian> eg: just because I have a copy of lilo installed (maybe I don't
 Brian> entirely trust grub yet), doesn't mean I want lilo to replace my
 Brian> working configuration of grub when I install a kernel-image!

	A simple config file change is all you need to do
 that. However, my reading of the mail I have received to date is that
 the common case, as communicated to me, is that people want not to be
 bothered to do this manually, thus the default. 

	However, kernel-image packages are flexible enough to allow
 you not to have them run lilo, or manage the symlinks, or any of the
 other processing, as you wish. 

 Brian> If, however, it was done by the boot loader, it would be possible to
 Brian> customise it in order to disable it from running lilo.

	Uhh? LILO is a boot loader. So you are going to run lilo and
 customize it not to run itself? Since you can already customize a
 config file not to have lilo ruin, what exactly is the advantage

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