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Re: ps2pdf and xpdf problems.

On 13 Feb 2001, Chris Walker wrote:

> Try generating the pdf file using.
>         dvips -Ppdf 
> The only "problem" I have with this is that "ff" is encoded as one
> special charater rather than two. This gives nice printouts, but if I
> copy it from the pdf file, I get a funny character in the pasted
> text.

I had a solution to the ligature problem, but I forgot exactly what it is.
That email of mine suggests it was to use the right font.. CMR and the 6.0
ps2pdf or distiller I think did the trick.

Dale, if your book contains no figures then use pdflatex, the output for
pure text is virtually perfect. If you can move your figures to PDF
easially, perhaps using ps2pdf then you can still get good results. 

If all else fails, use the dvips -Ppdf option, use the CMR font and use
the commercial Adobe Distiller, the output from that is perfect. 

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