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Solution. Was Re: ps2pdf and xpdf problems.

First I want to thank everyone who supplied ideas for resolving this
problem. Special thanks goes to Alan Shutko for sticking with me until all
the nits were fixed.

Several approaches were suggested, and I tried them all.

First, adding -Ppdf to the dvips command line and then converting with
ps2pdf only helped a small amount. Text set larger than 12 points was
rendered properly, but all text 12 points or smaller is still rendered as
widely spaces single dots.

The correct solution is to use pdflatex, but there were still several nits
to resolve before I got this to work. First, all image references must be
free of file extension, so the driver can pick the desired extension. To
build the .ps file using dvips, there must be a set of .ps images, and to
build the .pdf, there must be a set of .png images. Providing both worked,
once I removed an earlier fix. My graphics package line looked like:


which forced the dvips driver into play. Thus pdflatex continued to try to
use .ps files. Removing the dvips option allowes pdflatex to decide for
itself what image file format it needs, and properly uses .png.

pdflatex now produces a very pretty .pdf file that renders as well as the
.ps file!

Thanks again for all the help,

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