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Re: Who should package&host a product?

On 17-Jan-01, 14:00 (CST), "Wesley W. Terpstra" <terpstra@javien.com> wrote: 
> So, you say that people using the product should be the debian maintainers.
> Well, we here all use them, so that would be a reason for one of us to be
> the debian maintainer. However, can one become a debian maintainer when
> one's only intention is to maintain packages which your company develops?
> That seems kinda shifty-eyed. :-)

I suppose a few people might think so, but there are lots of maintainers
who maintain only a few packages for some "selfish" reason, either
as the original author of the packaged software or as a member of a
company. So long as you maintain the package reasonably well, I don't
see the problem. If the package is useful, then nobody should care
whether or not you're being payed to package it.


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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