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Re: Who should package&host a product?

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 10:00:36 -0800 (PST), 
"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry"<shaleh@valinux.com> wrote:

>> The project uses some packages that are not packaged in debian and some
>> that were inadaquately packaged. We've repackaged these ourselves.
> this part is the part that concerns me.  If there is a problem with the way
> a package was designed, the maintainer should be given a chance to fix it.

I agree. I've already sent patches to the maintainers of those packages that
were problematic. They were just packaging problems b/c the packages are
little used. We're not actually modifing the code. :-) Encapsulation = good.

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:42:15 -0600,
"Vince Mulhollon" <vlm@norlight.com> wrote:

> There is a third possibility.  Create an apt-get-able site at javien.com to
> hold alpha and beta versions, and get "stable" versions duploaded into
> Debian via sponsorship and/or new maintainers.

I like this. I think I will suggest this to our deployment people.
So, you don't think that once we release it will be hard to get sponsorship?
Hopefully by then, the evil web page (see below), will be accurate.

> I looked at javien's webpage, and it "contains alot of words yet doesn't
> say anything".

I totally agree (just don't quote me). :-) We (the developers) have already
been harassing the web site people. Please don't look there. ;-)

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 19:12:51 +0000 (GMT),
Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
>> Should one of our developers apply to become a NM?
> This would work as well, and there is a fairly short line to wait in right
> now ;-)

Hmmm. From what I've seen on these mailing lists, that's not the case. ;-)
Or am I mistaken?


So, you say that people using the product should be the debian maintainers.
Well, we here all use them, so that would be a reason for one of us to be
the debian maintainer. However, can one become a debian maintainer when
one's only intention is to maintain packages which your company develops?
That seems kinda shifty-eyed. :-)

Regardless, I think keeping the bleeding edge on our own servers - helix
style is a good plan. Thanks, Vince. I'm still unclean who would dupload the
stable versions to the debian master site though.


Wesley W. Terpstra <terpstra@javien.com>
Javien Canada Inc. - Linux Developer

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