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Re: Who should package&host a product?

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Wesley W. Terpstra wrote:

<details removed>

> So, what is the debian-correct method here?
> Should we just keep our packages to ourselves like helixcode was/is doing?

Absolutely not!!! ;-)

> Should we find an existing maintainer to dupload the debs we feed him?

You could certainly work through a "sponsor" (see our webpage for details)
to get the packages uploaded.

> Should one of our developers apply to become a NM?

This would work as well, and there is a fairly short line to wait in right
now ;-)

In either case, you will need to work with the current maintainers of the
packages you "rebuilt" in order to either get them to incorporate your
changes, or hand the package over to you for maintainance, at their 

> Thanks for your time, ... and debian. :-)
You are certainly welcome!


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