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Who should package&host a product?

Hi, I work for a company which does concurrent development for *nix as well
as windows. For the *nix version of our project we plan to include the
debian package format in our official release. We've already set up the
building of lintian-happy packages for our software, and I wanted to enquire
as to the most politically correct distribution scheme.

First, some details about the project:

The software will be released under a license that adheres to the DFSG -- in
fact, our open source license is largely designed to satisfy it. :-)

The project uses some packages that are not packaged in debian and some that
were inadaquately packaged. We've repackaged these ourselves.

Obviously, we are a commercial company. :-) However, our revenue model is
not selling the software, but by charging for the use of our servers and
databases. Thus we can contentedly make the software DFSG compliant.

Our goal is to acheive maximal distribution. ;-)

Since anyone running debian probably points to a debian mirror, we'd rather
get our packages - and those we depend on - on the debian servers.

So, what is the debian-correct method here?

Should we just keep our packages to ourselves like helixcode was/is doing?
Should we find an existing maintainer to dupload the debs we feed him?
Should one of our developers apply to become a NM?

Thanks for your time, ... and debian. :-)

Wesley W. Terpstra <terpstra@javien.com>
Javien Canada Inc. - Linux Developer

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