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Re: debconf question

>>>>> " " == Klaus Reimer <kay@debian.org> writes:

     > Hi,
    >> > answer the config script never asked. What's the best
    >> solution > for this case? Check in postinst that httpd.conf is
    >> there AND > the answers are already in the debconf database and
    >> otherwise > do nothing?  I think that can never happen. I think
    >> configure and postinst will be called right after another.

     > Are you sure? The documentation says, that it is possible, that
     > apt-get asks all debconf questions BEFORE all packages gets
     > installed. In that way the admin can answer all questions and
     > then leave to drink a beer or something while apt-get installs
     > all packages with the answers the admin entered before. And if
     > this is true, I think it is possible, that my debconf config
     > script DON'T ask to add my package to the apache's config,
     > because apache isn't installed right now but the postinst
     > script may need the answer because apache is installed then (If
     > it is installed BEFORE my package).

     > But maybe I have completly misunderstood the debconf
     > mechanism. Maybe I can't do that what I want with debconf right
     > now. Or is that hook-Feature you mentioned already implemented?

Thats true, apt-get calls config for all packages. Later, when
configuring, config is run again but debconf won't ask questions again
(unless told to). So when configuring it will use the answered given


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