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debconf question


I am planning to package a software which is a PHP module. The Author has 
already created an unofficial debian package and I want to maintain this 
package and include it into debian. The package is currently asking three 
questions in postinst, to do the following things:

1. Add extension-entry in php.ini
2. Add an alias-entry in apache's httpd.conf
3. Restart apache

prerm ist asking to do the following

1. Remove extension-entry from php.ini
2. Remove alias-entry in apache's httpd.conf
3. Restart apache.

I want to change these questions to use debconf, but I have some problems 
with them:

The package has currently only been used with apache, but I am sure, it is 
possible to use it with other webservers. Currently in postinst is checked, 
if httpd.conf is installed and if this is true, the question ist asked and 
the action is performed. How to do this with debconf? Checking for httpd.conf 
in the config script (where the questions are asked) AND in the postinst 
script (Where the answers are processed and the actions are performed)?

The same problem for question 3. 


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