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Re: debconf question

>>>>> " " == Klaus Reimer <kay@debian.org> writes:

     > Hi,
    >> > performed. How to do this with debconf? Checking for
    >> httpd.conf > in the config script (where the questions are
    >> asked) AND in the > postinst script (Where the answers are
    >> processed and the > actions are performed)?  Just check exactly
    >> like the package does now. The config, postinst/rm and
    >> preinst/rm scripts are all shell scripts, so you can do an exit
    >> 0 if the file is not there.

     > That's clear. But can it happen that the config script is
     > executed BEFORE apache is installed and postinst is executed
     > AFTER apache is installed if I install apache and my package in
     > one call to "apt-get install"? In that case postinst needs the
     > answer the config script never asked. What's the best solution
     > for this case? Check in postinst that httpd.conf is there AND
     > the answers are already in the debconf database and otherwise
     > do nothing?

I think that can never happen. I think configure and postinst will be
called right after another.

    >> PS: You might be intrested in "hooks", so when apache is
    >> installed later, then the questions will get asked. (but thats
    >> under developement for dpkg)

     > Ah, that sounds cool.


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