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Re: debconf question


>      > performed. How to do this with debconf? Checking for httpd.conf
>      > in the config script (where the questions are asked) AND in the
>      > postinst script (Where the answers are processed and the
>      > actions are performed)?
> Just check exactly like the package does now. The config, postinst/rm
> and preinst/rm scripts are all shell scripts, so you can do an exit 0
> if the file is not there.

That's clear. But can it happen that the config script is executed BEFORE 
apache is installed and postinst is executed AFTER apache is installed if I 
install apache and my package in one call to "apt-get install"? In that case 
postinst needs the answer the config script never asked. What's the best 
solution for this case? Check in postinst that httpd.conf is there AND the 
answers are already in the debconf database and otherwise do nothing?

> PS: You might be intrested in "hooks", so when apache is installed
> later, then the questions will get asked. (but thats under
> developement for dpkg)

Ah, that sounds cool.


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