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Re: (long reply) Re: NM saga (all of it - Joey, this means you)

> ++ 16/01/01 01:41 +1100 - Daniel Stone:
> > Enter Debian, 2001. Democracy. (Yeah, my arse). NMs aren't allowed to spe=
> ak
> > a non-positive word against so-called "senior developers" because they're
> > just little, unimportant NMs.=20
> Did anyone moderated you from debian-devel? What do you mean by
> ``aren't'' allowed?

I meant the ideal world as Ben Collins, Joey, ajt, etc, see it.
> > Nor are they allowed emails. Or machine
> > access. Even if they need machine access to do a wider range of packages =
> on
> > a wider range of machines, so they can one day become a fabled "senior
> > developer". Whoops. Then, we're left with the Ben Collinses and the Joseph
> > Carters, and the ... you get the point. Every member of Debian has equal
> > rights. Access. Email. Votes. A SAY.
> What you're talking about is communism, believe me. You and Ben have
> equal rights in Debian Project, but Ben has much more power. And democracy =
> is:
> -- you have more money -- you have more power (not rights). Debian=20
> equivalent -- you make more job for debian and have more knowledge and
> expirience -- you have more power. I can bet that you can't even
> imagine how much of himself Ben dedicates to Debian. Compared to him,
> you are just a lurker.

I know this. Did you ever stop to think about the amount of time I CAN
dedicate to Debian? That and how much I DO are roughly equal. This is a
democracy, and what formal power does Ben wield, apart from, "I am Ben
Collins, hear me roar."?

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