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New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

People, stay calm!  For a lot of work, no "official Debian
Maintainership" is required:

 . Fixing bugs
 . Working on boot floppies
 . Revising bug reports
 . Quality assurance
 . Testing
 . Helpping the web team
 . uploading packages (through a sponsor)

Only for very few tasks you will require to be an official Debian

If you were really interested in helping the project, you would
perform some of the tasks listed above instead of whining and
complaining and eating up the time that senior developers need to read
all of this flame shit which keep them from their regular Debian work
(like development, key tasks, bugfixing etc. pp.)

No, I don't read these threads, I'm sick of it.  If you are not
patient and only want to gain that uberkewl @debian.org address, go
away and get al life!

Once important tasks are done and no other problems with new
applicants occur they will be accepted and receive their account.
Please be advised that there are only very few people performing key
tasks (most maintainers only want to maintain their single
package(s)), which takes time.

This Mail does not require any replies, so don't send me some.



GNU GPL: "The source will be with you... always."

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