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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 11:10:32AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> People, stay calm!  For a lot of work, no "official Debian
> Maintainership" is required:
>  . Fixing bugs
>  . Working on boot floppies
>  . Revising bug reports
>  . Quality assurance
>  . Testing
>  . Helpping the web team
>  . uploading packages (through a sponsor)
> Only for very few tasks you will require to be an official Debian
> maintainer.

So, to word it differently, you want people to put their work into Debian
without becoming a proper part of the project. Or, turned around one more
time, you want to have a new class of developers which are not really
developers. Who do all the work of a developer, but have not any rights we

Because you know that such a distinction is never going to become official
in terms of the constitution, you are trying to apply social pressure to
achieve the same goal. This will not work.

> If you were really interested in helping the project, you would
> perform some of the tasks listed above instead of whining

If you were reallu interested in helping the project, you would embrace
anyone who helps improving it.

> Once important tasks are done and no other problems with new
> applicants occur they will be accepted and receive their account.
> Please be advised that there are only very few people performing key
> tasks (most maintainers only want to maintain their single
> package(s)), which takes time.

You forgot to mention that this is because those groups are very closed up,
and don't accept help from other people easily. You forgot to mention that
those people performing the key tasks are the persons who make the decision
to stay a small group.

> This Mail does not require any replies, so don't send me some.

You can't open a can of worms and run away.

We have a constitution, and a new maintainer procedure, and a policy and a
developers reference. We don't have a "Law of Joey" which defines what is
good or bad for the project. If you think that your ideas are the best for
the project, put them into a proper document, look for supporters and call
for a vote on it.


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