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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT


this is a more constructive reply.

On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 11:10:32AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> No, I don't read these threads, I'm sick of it.  If you are not
> patient and only want to gain that uberkewl @debian.org address, go
> away and get al life!

If this bothers you to no end, why don't you modify the new maintainer
procedure to allow people to become a Debian developer without also getting
a @debian.org email address? It would mostly require a procedural change, no
technical challenge (maybe a flag in the developers database). This could
be the default even, and @debian.org addresses were only to be given with
a "good reasoning" (to be defined).

The same holds true for the "account argument". People don't need a login
account on Debian machines to perform the above tasks, so allow people to
become developers without creating login accounts for them. Again, be
prepared to create accounts for people who want to do special stuff (compile
for stable, whatever).

I am foretelling you right now that if you'd actually do that, we'd still
have more new maintainer applicants than the DAM could process, because most
people really want to help, and not get yet-another-email-address.

Don't blame the new maintainer applicants for those deficiencies in our
system administration. Instead, improve the Debian infrastructure until
your concerns are eliminated.

* Make it that new maintainers only have their key added to the keyring.
* Provide email address with forwarding on request.
* Provide real accounts on request.


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