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esound and kernel 2.4

* The Doctor What (docwhat@gerf.org) [001120 13:31]:
> It does indeed fix the problem. Thanks.  My workstation has no
> local security concerns, so I'm willing to risk my security.
> Here is the simple workaround for using the .debs:
> *WARNING*  You are overriding the good judgement of the Debian
> maintainer and opening up a security hole for local exploits.

I'm not sure this is a security problem anymore.  There are two bugs
open against this.
66724 is a wishlist bug, saying unix sockets should be turned on for
"obvious reasons".

75064 is from Brian Almeida who was the maintainer when the unix
sockets were a security problem.  He says that they are no longer,
and should be turned on.

I am going to file a bug saying tcp sockets are buggy with respect
to kernel 2.4


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