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Re: esound and kernel 2.4

	Just to inform that I use Kernel 2.4.0-test10 with Esound 0.2.20 and I
don't have sound quality problems (tested with XMMS). I have a Creative
Labs Sound Blaster 16 (ISA, not plug&play, good old one).
	Please, if you have problems, then report them with the upstream
maintainers of esound and/or kernel people.

P.s.: I don't use ALSA, just the stock kernel sound drivers compiled
statically in the kernel (not as modules, though maybe the problem could
be with modules..., someone can test this?).
P.s.2: wow! XMMS with Esound is very slow on this P166MMX!!! Normally I
use /dev/dsp of course!
P.s.3: since some time, Esound doesn't frees the /dev/dsp device
automatically after a timeout and my gnome panel doesn't emit sounds
(though other GNOME parts do), but warning, I have not yet investigated
and I am using Helix GNOME, someone knows something about this?

"Thomas E. Vaughan" wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 03:53:28PM -0600, Tad Thurston wrote:
> >
> > Success!  I used a trial version of the commercial OSS sound drivers.  I
> > guess the ones in the kernel are very alpha.  So now that I can play
> > music from the console and can hear Gnome sound effects, I forgot how to
> > make it so I can play music with Gnome.  When firing up xmms, for
> > example, it tells me that it cannot open the sound device (/dev/dsp).
> If you were using kernel 2.2, then for a gnome desktop you would set the
> xmms output plugin to "esd", and everything would be dandy.
> This is, however, a problem with kernel 2.4.  You may have seen my post to
> debian-devel this morning.
> Esound doesn't work correctly with kernel 2.4 because the esd/kernel
> interaction is somehow broken.  You can try it, but you will probably hear
> strange artifacts.
> One workaround for xmms is that if your card supports /dev/dsp1, like my
> es1371 does, then you can keep the xmms output plugin set to OSS, but
> change the settings so that it connects to /dev/dsp1.  This won't work for
> most cards, though.  Another workaround for xmms is, reportedly (though I
> haven't tried it), to configure xmms to emit 22-kHz sound data.
> A more general workaround is to switch from gnome to kde.  kde's sound
> daemon is called "arts", and it doesn't care what kernel you use; it just
> works.  Also, there is an arts output plugin for xmms; just grab it with
> dselect.  Actually, I'm running kde right now at work.
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