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Re: esound and kernel 2.4

More datapoints:

Processor: Athlon (Slot A) 650Mhz
Memory:    768Mb
Kernels:   2.4.0 test[89]
SoundCard: Ensoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97]
Combinations Tried:
        Alsa with esound or esound-alsa:   All sounds skip/pop
        OSS  with esound:                  All sounds skip/pop
        Alsa or OSS without esound:        Clean

I have upgraded this motherboard reciently from a non-Athlon.  I
don't recall exactly what it was.  I think a K6-2 400 or 500.  The
soundcard was the same one.  It did *not* skip under the 2.4.0 test8
kernel with or without esound.

This seems to be a problem with esound on an athlon with a certain
set of soundcards.


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