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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

>  Ivan, I want to apologize to you personally - I fully realize that you
> are doing the work on KDE and ( as I mentioned before) I think you are
> doing a great job. I have been running KDE from the other site and believe
> me this was not targeted at you - if anything quite the opposite. The
> point was that overbearing regulations had prevented a smooth
> (and easy) integration of KDE.

FYI and to anyone else reading.  The direction I have gone with the
packaging of KDE for Debian has not changed since day 1.  I have focused
on conforming to Debian policy (which I have mostly done already) and 
making the user base happy (breaking down of the packages) which is what
I am focusing on now.

I have had over the period of time that I hosted these packages on kde.tdyc.com
had a crapload of broken packages.  The ol' "it work's here" factor seems
to work just as well today as it did back then.  Until upstream settles down 
a bit and the source of problems focus's more on how I put them together we
will still see bugs like the ones you see. 

You should see the list of porting issues I'm dealing with...up until now
the KDE2 stuff hasn't been looked at beyond i386 and powerpc (for woody) and
it shows. :)  So I'm doing alot of work with that.

Not once has any other Debian developer told me what to do (at least not
since Branden told me to fix kdm from breaking xdm like almost 2 years ago).
The extent that any other person has done have been requests...and I treat
them as I do requests I get from folks like yourself.

> > It's kinda funny that I have not seen any bug reports (on the kde.tdyc.com
> > mailing lists nor on the Debian BTS) about your problems.  The current
>  Actually, the broken update happened about 20 minutes before said rant -
> the other bugs I chalked up to beta. xerrors is about 50K and I have not
> really figured out what is relevant yet - although I suspect the new
> non-ssl linking scheme ...

This is a possiblity...I haven't tested this whole thing alot.  But, since
your using woody, you are a beta tester and thus are my guinnee pig! muhaha

>  BTW, the rant has been a long time coming - this just keyed it.
>  Purpose of Rant: Stir up the coals ...

Well, I thank you for the high blood pressure and the doctors visit. :)

Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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