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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> uhh,  FYI...the same person who did the package on kde.tdyc.com is the
> same and only person doing the packaging for Debian.  The fact that
> I finally had time to work on the *MANY* requests to break down the
> packages and the fact that KDE *IS* beta shouldn't cause anyone to
> start pointing fingers at anyone else.  

 Ivan, I want to apologize to you personally - I fully realize that you
are doing the work on KDE and ( as I mentioned before) I think you are
doing a great job. I have been running KDE from the other site and believe
me this was not targeted at you - if anything quite the opposite. The
point was that overbearing regulations had prevented a smooth
(and easy) integration of KDE.

> It's kinda funny that I have not seen any bug reports (on the kde.tdyc.com
> mailing lists nor on the Debian BTS) about your problems.  The current

 Actually, the broken update happened about 20 minutes before said rant -
the other bugs I chalked up to beta. xerrors is about 50K and I have not
really figured out what is relevant yet - although I suspect the new
non-ssl linking scheme ...

 BTW, the rant has been a long time coming - this just keyed it.

 Purpose of Rant: Stir up the coals ...


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