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KDE2 - nice demolition job ...


 I just can't keep my mouth shut about this any longer and the
unnecassary divisions (read demolitions) of KDE packages are the last
straw: I've been tracking the development of KDE2 for months and running
it quite successfully using "unofficial" debs (cheers to the folks at
kde.tdyc for bucking authority!) ... it was fine and coming along very
nicely. Was. And all it took was a week or so in the hands of a
ridiculously complicated and politically petty beuracracy like this and
being subjected to an absurdly complex re-packaging scheme to completely
destroy a perfectly useful desktop. First kdm goes, next update strange
browser crashes commence, next update the whole desktop is TOTALLY USELESS
and no longer even works for ANYTHING! On top of which it is now slated
for an unknown eternity in unstable  ... well, now that its broken I guess
that's where it belongs.

 Nice job.

 I think this is a pretty blatant example of the obvious failings of an
aging and inflexible beuracratic empire that cares more for its protocols
and levels of "authority" (these things are oh so important, "not trivial
matters" at all ...) than making a good distribution anymore. Debian has
become an elitist club and it angers me because it is potentially the
finest OS available - but I am losing faith in that potential ever being
met. And that is very sad. 

 I realize that this does not apply to many Debian developers - but if the
general attitude and atmosphere does not change here Debian will drift
into obscurity and forfiet the contributions  that many talented people
would gladly have donated to the cause. The general disdain of "newbies"
and atmosphere of thinly veiled contempt (RTFM! ... uh, right; what
manual?) combined with an inflexible hierarchical beuracracy are dragging
this project into the mud right when it should be taking off with the rest
of the linux world. But no, Debian is spending its time arguing about
minutia and complaining about how there is too much to be done while
keeping "outsiders" waiting for months to even recieve acknowledgement of
reciept of application to voluteer (Oh, Yes, You too can help with
the Debian Project - just jump through these thirty complicated hoops and
apply to be a "developer" and wait around for a year or so and then if we
think you're cool ... garbage, why bother?).

 I'm sorry, being a "Debian developer" does not make one inherently
superior to other developers or persons that just use software, nor
does it make one's opinions about Debian development more valid - the end
user is the one that knows the most about what a piece of software needs
to be able to do. And without and end user your software is not superior,
it is just useless bits taking up storage.

 Arrogance and conceit are the signs of decay. And they certainly _not_
conducive to enthusiastic community participation and the resulting high
quality software, which was the whole point of the free software movement
and the creation of the Debian Project - or was it?

 Think about it.

 And try not to prove my point with condescending flames - its not

Erik Winn
   Never underestimate. Period.

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