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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, you wrote:

> FYI and to anyone else reading.  The direction I have gone with the
> packaging of KDE for Debian has not changed since day 1.  I have focused
> on conforming to Debian policy (which I have mostly done already) and 
> making the user base happy (breaking down of the packages) which is what
> I am focusing on now.
> I have had over the period of time that I hosted these packages on kde.tdyc.com
> had a crapload of broken packages.  The ol' "it work's here" factor seems
> to work just as well today as it did back then.  Until upstream settles down 
> a bit and the source of problems focus's more on how I put them together we
> will still see bugs like the ones you see. 
> You should see the list of porting issues I'm dealing with...up until now
> the KDE2 stuff hasn't been looked at beyond i386 and powerpc (for woody) and
> it shows. :)  So I'm doing alot of work with that.
> Not once has any other Debian developer told me what to do (at least not
> since Branden told me to fix kdm from breaking xdm like almost 2 years ago).
> The extent that any other person has done have been requests...and I treat
> them as I do requests I get from folks like yourself.

 Point taken. I retract my critique of this instance - it just looked like
that was what was happening.

> > the other bugs I chalked up to beta. xerrors is about 50K and I have not
> > really figured out what is relevant yet - although I suspect the new
> > non-ssl linking scheme ...
> This is a possiblity...I haven't tested this whole thing alot.  But, since
> your using woody, you are a beta tester and thus are my guinnee pig! muhaha
 I have it on two (other) machines - one has not yet been updated from the
first beta4 debs. I'll see if I can get anything more specific for you. I
hac to leave during the upgrade and missed the errors. There is also a
depends conflict between kdelibs3 (-dev?) and kdeutils-dev that means you
must force the selection in dselect (hits an endless depends loop). Also,
qt2.2-dev causes a dselection of mesag-glide and friends that leads to the
driver for voodoo cards; this is very difficult to get out of  (you must
mark the Utah 3D library) and if the glide/voodoo driver gets installed on
a non-voodoo machine its kind of messy ...

 Specifics on linking I will try to look into - I actually have KDE
sources on hand so I may try the build with your debian/rules and see if
anything sticks out. 

 > Well, I thank you for the high blood pressure and the doctors
 >visit. :)

Sorry about all the racket - I just really had to get it off my chest,
and, hey, its good for the circulation ;-].


PS. I have offered to help with KDE before and the offer still stands.

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