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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

>>"erik" == erik  <devvnull@crosswinds.net> writes:

 erik> Yes, it does - I still think the points were worth bringing up. Sorry if
 erik> they aren't important to you; if you're not interested don't
 erik> waste your time.

	And wahat points were these again? (Given that there was no
 growing bureaucracy involved pusing the pooor developer to hideous
 contortions). Even there, what experience can you bring to the table
 of how to run a geographically and, to an lesser extent,
 ideologically diverse group of people? (given that you imply that the
 current set of agreed-upon rules are bureaucratic).. 

 erik>  And, um, about growing up ... chances are pretty good I'm
 erik>  older than you

	Only Chronologically.

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