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Re: why apt/dpkg not using bzip2

> The point being, I'm not arguing that the format I or other people are
> using is right, but the "system" is more useful than what we are given to
> use (the diff/dsc/tar setup). You can argue about the tar in a tar all you
> want, I don't like it either. But the seperate patch set is a must, and
> don't argue "well apply and remove it during the build/clean targets of
> debian/rules" because that is ugly and asking for problems.

 How is that more useful? With manpages I often find myself hand editing by
hand several .rej files (the Debian manpages patch has always been big).

 Each time a new manpages package arrives, I use uupdate to unpack it and
apply the diff. I don't see how I could avoid editing the .rej's. It's the
same as when one is working with CVS, you must deal with the conflicts...

 And it must be a huge win in order to use such an uncomfortable and awkward
thing. Last day I was with a coworker and tried to show how easy was to
download apache's source code, add a -lpthread there, and rebuild... I
couldn't! I had to carefully study things using my `Debian specific
maintainer skills(tm)'... has to run debian/build, interrupt the process,
add the flags and compile. I had to stop the advocacy thing of course....

 Source packages must be for everybody, because we want everybody to go to
sources, to help us, to get involved...

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