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Re: why apt/dpkg not using bzip2

Ben Collins wrote:
> > It doesn't matter if it's user-friendly. The DBS package format is not
> > developer-friendly.
> But it's maintainer friendly, and that is far more useful for us to have
> good packages.

I was using developer in the sense of "debian developer".

However, friendlyliness for users is equally important.

> FWIW, before I started using a DBS based source format, I sat down many
> times to try and upgrade my packages to new upstream source and was so
> frustrated with forward porting patches that it sat for weeks or even
> months at a time before I got enough time/energy to do so. Example:
> getting openldap2 ready took all of 30 minutes. This included forward
> porting each patch. With the old format, I would have either manually went
> throught the diff.gz, or run the patch and went through each .rej. My time
> was saved, which makes the package more up-to-date, better maintained, and
> needs less attention.

I'll bet I can get better results using cvs than are possible with DBS.

see shy jo

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