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Re: why apt/dpkg not using bzip2

Ben Collins wrote:
> >  That kind of packaging is a hack, and a very user unfriendly one. I'd like
> > to have native bzip support, to have a lftp.orig.bz2.
> lol, whoever said our source package format was user friendly to begin
> with?

It doesn't matter if it's user-friendly. The DBS package format is not

Debian source packages, have from time immemorial, been appropachable as
normal code trees that you can edit just as you would any code tree. The 
DBS messes this whole concept up. Now you have to deal with patches
manually, and you have to dig up some obscure commands to even get a
source tree you can hack on.

The fact that I can no longer pull the debian source to libc, and
immediatly jump into the source code, makes debian that much less useful
to me, means I'm that much likely to bother to use the source for libc,

> Your choice, your loss :) The format I use has saved my countless hours
> and tons of headaches.

FWIW, I have several times sat down to NMU one package or another (for
various good reasons), discovered it used DBS, and decided my time wasn't
worth it.

see shy jo

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