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Re: portmap (was Re: SECURITY PROBLEM: autofs [all versions])

 > How about something like Irix's chkconfig?  Make the init.d scripts
 > source /etc/config.d/whatever, and then exit 0 if some environment
 > variable (RUN for example) isn't set to 1.
 > This could be combined with the idea from another thread to have an
 > /etc/config.d directory that would let users set various environment
 > variables without messing with the actual init.d scripts.

I thought about doing it this way too, but then I ran across the ipmasq
package.  It sets up a bunch of .def (default) files in /etc/ipmasq (something)
and if you want to override them you supply a .rul file with the same name.

This might make more sense for custom scripts because an upgrade would just
replace the .def file and not touch the override file.

I think for those scripts which have "setup parameters" in the init.d script
there should be a /etc/config.d or similar as debian policy.  That way those
scripts could be updated without too many side effects as well.

My $.02
Mike Mattice

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