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Re: Locations of ftp, httpd and named directories

On Jun 13, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:
> We're currently planning to go for /var/ftp (some of the BSDs are using
> this, so it's probably a compatible choice), /var/www (simple analogy to
> ftp - I haven't seen this in use anywhere though, so if anyone has a
> better suggestion, that's ok with me) and /var/named (we've been using
> this all the time).

I know Debian already uses /var/www for HTTP servers (and has for a
while), so no problem there.  I think /var/named corresponds to
/var/cache/bind on Debian, but I could be wrong.  /home/ftp has been
standard for anon. ftp for a while on Debian; I suspect /var/ftp is
acceptable by analogy with /var/www.

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